ACB Connects!

ACB Connects! is a series of live and recorded sessions to connect with our members. Started due to COVID-19 to share resources and research, now they are a way to bridge the miles and share information of interest to the band world in a webinar format. Previously recorded sessions are available for view on the ACB website.


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ACB Connects!  2023 Sessions

Session 1: January 29, 2023

  • "Community Music Can Save the World"
  • Presentation by Dr. Cynthia Johnston Turner, Dean of the Faculty of Music at Wilfrid Laurier University
  • Session 2023-1 information

Session 2: March 12, 2023

  • "Conductors Roundtable"
  • Guest panelists:  Sarah Good Mosley and Mark Mosley, Windy City Winds (Chicago); Michael Burch-Pesses, Oregon Symphonic Band; Stephanie Sugano,  Roseville Community Concert Band (California); Dr. Mark Rogers, Heart of Texas Concert Band (San Antonio) 
  • Session 2023-2 information

ACB Connects!  2022 Sessions

Session 1: January 18, 2022

  • “Learn How to Use Endowments to Help Fund Your Band”
  • Presentation by Heidi Sytsema,  Vice President of Development and Donor Services
  • Session 2022-1  information

Session 2: January 30, 2022

  • "A Conversation with Alfred Watkins"
  • Conversation between Tom Rotondi and Alfred Watkins about a variety of topics, including his remarkable career and his thoughts on community bands.
  • Session 2022-2 information

Session 3: February 27, 2022

  • "A Conversation with Paul Murtha"
  • Conversation between Tom Rotondi and Paul Murtha about a variety of topics, including his start in community bands and approach to composing and arranging.
  • Session 2022-3 Information Page

 Session 4: March 20, 2022

Session 5: August 28, 2022


ACB Connects!  2021 Sessions

Session 1: January 31, 2021

  • "Benefits of ACB Membership: Spotlight on NAXOS Music Library"
  • Presentations by John Sells of NAXOS Music library and Sarah McElfresh from ACB
  • Session2021-1  information

 Session 2: March 7, 2021

  • “Planning for Virtual Collaborations” 
  • Presentations by Tom Seaton, Sarah McElfresh and Scott Hosner from ACB
  • Session 2021-2 Information

Session 3: March 14, 2021

  • “Virtual Concerts: Nuts & Bolts of Video Production"
  • Presentation by Scott Hosner 
  • Session 2021-3 information 

  Session 4: April 11, 2021

  • “Virtual Performances: Tips from the US Army Field Band” 
  • Col. (Ret.) Tom Rotondi and Col. Jim Keene moderated presentations by members of the The US Army Field Band.  
  • Session  2021-4 information

Session 5: May 16, 2021

  • "Live Concerts During Covid -Thinking Outside the Stage"
  • Speakers: Dr. Eileen Young, Salem Band; Dr. Stephen Grugin, Marquette City Band;  Annette Kline, North Oakland Concert Band
  • Session 2021-5 information

 Session 6: May 26, 2021 

  • "Virtual Orientation to the Performing Arts Reading Room - Library of Congress"
  • Presenters: Melissa Wertheimer, Music Reference Specialist and Caitlin Miller,  Reference Specialist
  • Session 2021-6  Information 

Session 7: July 11, 2021

  • “A Conversation with Col. Jason Fettig of “The President’s Own” United States Marine Band”
  • Conversation with ACB President Gail Brechting and Col. Jason Fettig of the United States Marine Band
  • Session 2021-7 information

 Session 8:  August 15, 2021 

  • “A Conversation with Johan de Meij”
  • Conversation between ACB President Gail Brechting and Composer Johan de Meij about his long career and his love of wind band music.
  • Session 2021-8 information
ACB Connects!  2020 Sessions

Session 1: July 17, 2020 

  • "COVID discussion with Lt. Col. Tod Addison and Chief Jonathan Crane of the West Point Band"
  • Session 1 information

 Session 2: August 30, 2020

acb connect 2

  • "Bioaerosol Emissions and Exposures in the Performing Arts”
  • presented by Dr. Rebecca Philips and Dr. John Volckens of Colorado State University
  • Session 2 Information
  • Video removed on 6/3/2021 after Round 3 results presented to NASM

Session 3: September 27, 2020

  • "Discussing Adaptable music with members of the Creative Repertoire Initiative."
  • presented by Robert Ambrose, Alex Shapiro, and Frank Ticheli
  • Session 3 Information and Links

Session 4: October 25, 2020 
Members Only 

  • "THE BANDS PLAYED ON: ACB Community Bands Transposing into a New Reality”
  • Speakers from: Greater Des Moines Community Band, Irish Symphonic Wind Orchestra, Rancho Cordova River City Concert Band, Rancho Cordova,  and St Johnsbury Band, St Johnsbury, Vermont, United States
  • Session 4 Information
  • The recording of this session will only be available in the Members Area of the website.

Session 5: December 6, 2020 

  • "Holiday Heart-to-Heart with Dr. Tim"
  • Speaker: Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser
  • Session 5  Information
  • This session was not recorded